What does it cost?

The costs vary, partly due to the location and setup times of your event. Live music provides exceptional entertainment value and can be more affordable then you might think.

As a general rule, for a solo performance up to three sets you should expect to pay between $450 and $750, depending on requirements. Booking a band with sound technician you can expect between $3000 to $6000. There are various factors which change the cost of the band, including travel, setup times and playing times, each event is different, so please call/email for a quote.

Is entertainment important?

Try to remember the last wedding reception or evening party you attended. Was it six months ago? A year? Now try to remember what food was served? Do you remember the venue? Here’s an easy one. Did you have a good time? Did you dance all night? Was the live entertainment great? Was the band or DJ brilliant?

In general, most people remember the live entertainment more than anything at a wedding. Live entertainment leaves an indelible memory, so it only stands to reason that the guests you invite to your function will have the same impression. Long after the memory of how the flowers looked has faded, long after they’ve forgotten about those invitations you sent out, they will remember what a fantastic time they had, dancing and celebrating to a great swingband.

Can I see Sebastiaan perform?

Yes, Sebastiaan is performing throughout the year at local and interstate venues, anyone wishing to book me is welcome to come and see. We much prefer this to sending out CD’s or DVD’s, because we think there is nothing like seeing a live performance! If you can’t make a live gig we are happy to send a CD. Please refer to our Upcoming Gigs Page for the nearest live performance.

How are Sebastiaan and the band presented?

Sebastiaan firmly believes an entertainer should always be the best dressed person in the room. So, we will always dress smartly for any occasion and in line with the theme of the performance.

Is a Stage required?

Whilst it is not essential to supply a stage, it does allow the band to be seen when the dance floor is full. If you are able to supply a stage, it must be safe and soundly constructed.

Depending on the configuration of the band / performance, a different stage size can be required. Please contact us to discuss details / stage plan.

What sort of power supply is required?

It is essential that a safe, properly earthed and constant power supply is provided. Venues that regularly stage entertainment should already have the correct supply, but please check with them.

This supply should be for the sole use of the band and should never be shared with anything else.

An incorrect or unsafe supply will jeopardise your event. (Please ask us, or seek the advice of a professional electrician if you are unsure).

How long does the band need to set-up?

Setting-up usually takes, from arrival at the venue and unloading through to final sound check, between 1.5 and 2 hours. Packing up and loading takes about an hour.

When Booking Sebastiaan as a solo performer using backing tracks, setup takes about 30 minutes including sound check.

Are there any specific requirements?

We take our on-stage appearance very seriously and we will always ‘look the business’ for your function, we would therefore like a safe and warm dressing room where we can leave a change of clothes and store our instrument cases, but this is not essential.

Do you have any promotional material?

We can provide photographs and artwork for such things as posters, post cards, flyers & tickets.