About Sebastiaan

Born in The Netherlands (hence the double ‘aa’ in his name), Sebastiaan moved to Australia in 2002. But, what can we tell you about Sebastiaan’s musical background?
At a very early age, he started to sing and act. This was no surprise, as Sebastiaan comes from a very musical family. His grandmother was a professional opera singer and the various members of his family play anything from guitar to trumpet. So you could say the Sebastiaan has performing in his blood.
Sebastiaan has a playful style of performing, enjoying the interaction with his audience and fellow musicians.

Having relocated to Sydney in 2022, for many years he has been a household name with the Gold Coast and Northern NSW Swing Dance community, with many traveling up and down the coast to enjoy his performances. As a result you will often experience that extra dimension as you find yourself treated to some fantastic performances on the dance floor. 

Sebastiaan is a well-respected and versatile vocalist who’s warm vocal sound is sure to impress.

Enjoying a broad selection of musical tastes, his voice is reminiscent of a mixture of Roy, Dean and Elvis, and it is this style that best resonates with his voice. Equally comfortable singing Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Ballads and Big Band Swing you are guaranteed to have a great time.

You can listen to a sampling of his music by clicking on this link